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Alzada, Hammond, and Hawks Home students

Hammond Elementry

Hammond, Montana

I worked with Bonny Beth when she worked at the Waterworks Art outreach program.  She was very enthusiastic and excited about coming into the schools and working with the students.  The kids couldn't wait for art day. She had a good rapport with the students. She told them what was expected for the project, but let them put their own spin on the project.  She would try to coordinate her art projects with what we were studying if possible. For example, we studied Native American history she had us make rain sticks and dream catchers. Not only did she teach art but she incorporated art history. She always gave a little lesson on an artist that went with the art lesson. The students learned a great deal from her.


-Barb Lapke 

K-8th grade Teacher

Bloomfield School with masks.tiff

Hawks Home Elementary

Hawks Home, Montana

I highly recommend Mrs. Bonny Beth L. Luhman to anyone looking for a fantastic Art teacher. She I highly motivated and passionate about teaching kids and adults of all ages, about Art. She also has a willingness to travel a great distance to teach and share her love for Art.


I met Mrs. BB while she was working at the Waterworks Museum in Miles City, Montana. During that time, Mrs. BB taught my, then current, elementary class about all things art. They learned how to use elements found in nature to make a masterpiece outside, on a beautiful spring day. They learned how to make things out of clay, wire, newspaper, 2 dimensional lines, shapes, pastels, and paint. She was happy to have students create something that went along with the topic we were discussing/learning about in the classroom.


Having her come into the classroom was a joy and a relief for everyone. A benefit for me, at that time, was having someone who is more knowledgeable in Art than myself. I’m great at drawing stick figures of people, but Mrs. BB could teach anyone to draw a life like portrait. Another benefit was that I didn’t have to spend time researching ideas for Art class. Mrs. BB is an absolute asset to any team. Her attitude is upbeat and infectious. The students loved her and so do I. While waiting for her next visit, the students would try and practice what she had taught them with glee.


-Shannon Goddard

K- 8th grade Teacher

Bloomfield School with masks.tiff
Bloomfield School with masks_edited.jpg

Bloomfield Elementry
Bloomfield, Montana

Working with Bonny Beth during her time with the Waterworks Art Museum Outreach Program was such a blessing to both myself and my students. Since we were a one-room school, her lessons had to keep students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade engaged, and she did just that! Bonny Beth’s lessons were so engaging because she shared her love of art with the kids through various mixed media art projects. My students got to dapple in anything from clay, to watercolor, and everything in between! They learned the different elements of art through presentations, and then she would let them experiment with the elements through her guided lessons. 


Bonny Beth was always cheerful, fun, and respectful to our staff and students. Art day with “Miss BB” was always the highlight of our month because Bonny Beth provided the kids with an outlet, a safe space to express themselves through art. She was so wonderful about guiding the students towards success in a kind and thoughtful way. Her “artistic eye” could see the value in the work of art that each student created. I am so grateful for the impression that Bonny Beth had on each of my students, and the art education they received from her! 


-Alisa Werner

K-8th grade teacher

PIne Grove School.tiff
PIne Grove School.tiff

Pine Grove Elementry
Pine Grove, Montana

Bonny Beth Luhman came to Pine Grove School as a visiting artist through Waterworks Art Museum.  Ms. Luhman provided art lessons for students in K-7th grade in our school, as well as providing resources to myself as a classroom teacher.


Ms. Luhman implemented lessons in art that she adapted to multiple grade levels and varying abilities at once, including for a student with special needs.  Her ability to adapt to our situation with the age gap and varying abilities are a testament to her abilities and versatility.


Ms. Luhman went above and beyond to expose the students of Pine Grove to art and creating their own artwork with a passion that I truly appreciate.  She is very upbeat and positive, and works well with students.  She would make a positive addition to any art teaching program.


-Marisa O’Connor

K-8th Grade Teacher

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