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We formed Stickman Studios out of a pure passion for people and art. Owner Bonny Beth L. Luhman Olson wanted to continue what she loves doing; to create a way to help others learn and grow through artistic discoveries! She wants to provide a unique avenue for easily accessible art instruction with a personal touch.


The idea came to BB after working on a sympathy card for her cousin who had just lost her mother. By adding a few little stickmen here and there on the card, it was in high hopes that it would bring a little smile to a saddened heart. It was that night that the idea Stickman Studios was born. 


The universal symbol of the stickman represents the human race, anyone from anywhere. Ms. BB believes both kids and adults can draw these simple little figures. There is no right or wrong way to illustrate this little character. The fun part is designing the stickman a gazillion ways; the possibilities are endless! Drawing your stickman can be a fun way to start any project. Anyone can draw a stickman. Lines. Circle. Boom. 

Mrs. Olson graduated from MSU Billings with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a dangling Minor in Theatre. After graduating, she worked in home health care and later on found a particular job in Eastern Montana. Bonny Beth decided to apply for the Education Director position for WaterWorks Art Museum in Miles City, Montana. For three years, she was the Education Director/Artist in Residence. With her background as one of the former Education Directors at WAM, BB has experience teaching all ages and multiple mediums. The outreach program at WAM gave her a great deal of traveling experience that would feed her passion for offering this again, now for Stickman Studios.

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We are thrilled to offer this unique service. We go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied and will work with us again. Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we offer, and get in touch with any questions.

Visit to see Bonny Beth's personal work.
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