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Miles City Public Library
Miles City, Montana

Bonny Beth is an incredible teacher! When I worked as a Youth Services Librarian,  I worked with many different professionals to put on events for the kids that came to the library. Bonny Beth designed an entire event around a book that I picked out, I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! by Karen Beaumont. Ms. BB created an incredible program where the kids painted their own portraits. She interacted with each participant on their own level, and she was able to help each child learn and have fun despite their different ages and skill levels. Bonny Beth was exceptionally prepared and had everything she needed to help the kids while preventing me from having a major mess to clean, and she was able to cheerfully deal with any variations that arose.

Bonny Beth was wonderful with the kids, great at teaching, and very easy to work with. She met with me in person before the event to discuss details, and she even helped advertise by creating advertisement materials for me to distribute. She was respectful of the library’s time, and she provided support to help make the event a success. I highly recommend working with Bonny Beth because of her professionalism, kindness, teaching skill, adaptability, artistic skill, and her amazing ability to help kids of various interests and skills enjoy, learn about, and feel successful with art.  

-Cathleen Gustad

Youth Services Librarian

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