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Oil Pastels on Roofing Felt

Roofing felt? Yes! This unique combination of two water resistant materials has great results no matter what artistic level you are at!

Roofing felt, a waterproof material, is commonly used under roofing shingles for added moisture resistance and insulation. It's a match made in Heaven!


Paper Batik

Paper Batik is created with watercolor paper and wax that you are all familiar with, crayons! You can get similar textures as traditional Batik. Elegant and intricate lines reminiscent of spider webs emerge, adding captivating textures to the design.

Traditional  Batik uses wax on fabric to create patterns resisting dye, revealing vibrant designs after wax removal.


Linoleum Block Printmaking

Linoleum block printmaking is a technique where a design is carved into a flat piece of linoleum, leaving the raised areas to be inked and transferred onto paper. Enjoy the process of carving! 


Sock Snowman

Create adorable sock snowmen with this delightful project – a perfect blend of creativity and winter charm that's sure to bring joy to your crafting time. We will guide you every step of the way as you transform simple socks into cute snowman companions, ideal for seasonal decorating or gifting!

20230309_210040 (1)_edited.jpg

Hot Glue Painting

Now here's an exciting exploration of artistic techniques as we master the art of shaping and detailing with a hot glue gun. Unleash your creativity by incorporating textured elements into your painting, building unique dimensions before diving into the vibrant layers of paint. 


Bas Relief Carving

Ignite innovation and teamwork at our immersive bas relief carving workshop. As we dive into a block of plaster, learn how to harness carving tools to bring life to images with enthralling 3D depth. Join us for an inspiring journey through the realm of sculptural creativity, fostering engagement and collaboration like never before!

More workshop options available. Call us to find out more.

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