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Traveling Art Instruction, Workshops, Events, & more!


We are interested in offering this traveling service to anyone. We would love to provide an engaging activity for your upcoming special occasion.


If you are affiliated with a school or homeschool and are looking for a special treat for your students, we will come to you and offer a project tailored to fit your classroom needs.


Connecting with retirement homes and working with seniors is also an interest of ours. We want to travel to our seniors. We offer a special guest and a fun-filled project to ignite their spirits, making them feel like a kid again! Moments they will be excited to tell their friends and families all about!


Have a corporate event coming up? Have us prepare a fun, memorable,  interactive, and engaging workshop for your employees. This experience will benefit your team in many ways. They can work together to strengthen their communication and encourage team building. As they step outside their comfort zones, new problem-solving skills will arise while building something exciting together. We will tailor any project to work for your large or small groups. Want us for an hour or a whole afternoon? No problem! We will work within your time frame and budget. Let us help you with a team building workshop that fits your company's needs!


Summer is filled with camps of all kinds. We are ready to travel and work closely with directors/counselors to plan a one-of-a-kind project that compliments the camp's focus and theme. Our professional artist will travel to you and work with the campers on an exciting, engaging project that adds value to your camp's overall experience. Stickman Studios wants to provide diversity with this additional educational experience fueling self-expression, practicing persistence, and working together innovating through exploration. Our goal is that kids have good quality instruction with an exciting outcome!

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Call and see what we can do for you! Each project will vary in pricing. We will travel near and far. Call us, and we will prepare a specialized activity that works for you!

Thank you for exploring the arts! Below you will find mediums and projects we can offer for classes. We plan to add more as time goes on!

2D Mediums
Acrylic painting
Graphite Drawing
Linoleum Block Printmaking
Magazine College
Oil Pastel Felt Painting
Paper Batik
Watercolor Paper Marbling
Watercolor Painting

3D Mediums
Cardboard Relief Sculpture
Mask Making
Mixed Media Rain Stick
Plaster Carving
Paper Mache Sculpture
Styrofoam Bas-relief carving

Offered in the future.....
Ceramics Handbuilding
Cement Stepping Stones
Mixed Media Wall Hanging
Plaster Wall Hanging
Pottery- Wheel Throwing Lessons
Scratch Board Drawing
Traditional Batik​

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